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Total Football technical data

Name Total Football
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1995
Developer Domark Software
Genre Sports

Total Football is a football video game developed by Virgin Interactive Entertainment for the Sega Genesis Mega Drive. It was released in 1993 and was one of the first football games to feature real teams and players from around the world. The game featured realistic 3D graphics and animation, as well as realistic ball physics, which helped to make it stand out from other football games at the time.

The game allows you to play either an exhibition match or a full season with any of the 32 international teams that are featured in the game. You can also customize your team by editing team names, colors, logos, and player lineups. The game offers a variety of camera angles so that you can get a good view of the action on the field. There are also several different levels of difficulty so that players of all skill levels can enjoy playing Total Football.

Players can choose to play in one-on-one matches or compete against computer controlled teams. In addition, there are two multiplayer modes available where up to four players can compete against each other at once. One of these modes is called “Total Football” and it requires all four players to use their own controllers simultaneously in order to control their respective teams on the field. This mode is great for those who want to experience a more intense level of competition than what is offered in single player mode.

The control system used in Total Football is quite unique compared to other football games at the time because it makes use of an analog stick instead of buttons or keys for controlling players on the field. This makes it easier for players to make quick decisions about which direction they want their players to move in order to take advantage of open spaces or intercept passes. The analog stick also allows you to make more precise passes since you have more control over how far and fast your pass will go compared with using buttons or keys alone.

In addition to its innovative control system, Total Football features several interesting features such as weather effects, multiple camera angles, instant replay, and customizable team names and logos that allow you personalize your team’s look even further. All of these features help give this game an immersive feel that many other football games at the time lacked.

Overall, Total Football is an enjoyable and challenging football game that still stands up well today due its excellent gameplay mechanics and impressive visuals for its time period. While some may find its controls slightly outdated compared with modern football games, it still offers enough challenge and fun to keep fans coming back for more even after all these years since its release in 1993 on Sega Genesis Mega Drive console

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