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Pete Sampras Tennis 96 technical data

Name Pete Sampras Tennis 96
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1995
Developer Codemasters
Genre Sports

Pete Sampras Tennis '96 is a tennis game for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive system, developed by Arsys and released in 1996. The game features top-ranked American professional Pete Sampras as the face of the franchise and allows players to take part in speedily paced matches with other computer-controlled opponents or against friends in local multiplayer duels. With an array of game modes available, gameplay revolves around aiming for high scores through precise shots and using powerups to raise one’s prowess.

The player is able to select between various levels of difficulty in both single-player campaign mode and roughly two-dozen exhibition skirmishes. Races under Pete Sampras Tennis ‘96 can take on either fast or tournament settings. Match rules are adjustable: one can tweak a confrontation length along with whether losing service will cause a point deduction on behalf of the offending player. The former U.S Open champion has traveled the world while competing his sport, thus several venues has been lovingly rendered within Sega’s adaptation—Stade Roland Garros, Wimbledon Center Court, U.S Open Stadium, Tokyo Dome Indoor Tennis Dome, or Melbourne Park Stadium are all available for selection before points commence—with subtle graphical touches signature to each locale expertly recreated from its real-life inspiration; including court colorings and lighting effects that alter as locations fall beneath dusk skies prior to concluding games--subtle aesthetics factor heavily into conjuring atmosphere without straying too far beyond 2D trappings found throughout mid-1990s releases.

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