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Crayon Shin-Chan - Taiketsu! Tankam Panic!! technical data

Name Crayon Shin-Chan - Taiketsu! Tankam Panic!!
System Game Gear
Year 1995
Developer Bandai
Genre Action

Crayon Shin-Chan - Taiketsu! Tankam Panic!! is a Sega Game Gear game released in 1995. It is based on the popular Japanese anime and manga series Crayon Shin-Chan. The game follows the adventures of Shinnosuke Nohara (the main character from the anime and manga) as he battles to save his town from an invasion of tanks.

The game begins with Shinnosuke's town being invaded by a group of tanks, led by a mysterious enemy known as Tankam. In order to save his home from destruction, Shinnosuke must take control of one of the invading tanks and battle his way through several levels, destroying all the other tanks in each level and eventually reaching Tankam himself. Along the way, he is aided by his friends, who give him advice and power ups to help him on his mission.

Gameplay consists mostly of top down tank combat as Shinnosuke must battle against wave after wave of enemy tanks while attempting to reach the end goal in each level. The player controls their tank directly using either a d-pad or analog stick while shooting at enemies with their main cannon or secondary weapons such as missiles and bombs. Power ups can also be found throughout each level which can upgrade the player's tank with additional weapons and armor.

The graphics in Crayon Shin-Chan – Taiketsu! Tankam Panic!! are fairly basic but still colorful enough to capture the feel of the series it’s based off of. The music also does a good job at setting up an atmosphere for each stage, from fast paced action tracks when fighting enemies to more relaxed tunes during exploration segments between levels.

Overall, Crayon Shin-Chan – Taiketsu! Tankam Panic!! is an enjoyable little game that captures some of the excitement from its source material while providing some unique tank combat gameplay for those who enjoy it’s particular style. Although it may not be for everyone due to its age or difficulty level, it still serves as a great example of how Sega was able to make use out of their Game Gear console even late into its life cycle with games like this one that still provide fun experiences today.

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