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Geraldinho technical data

Name Geraldinho
System Master System II
Year 1994
Developer Sega
Genre Action


Geraldinho is a platformer video game developed by Tec Toy and released for the Sega Master System in 1991. It was one of the first games to be released on the system and was well-received by gamers.

The game follows the adventures of Geraldinho, a young boy who has been chosen to save his world from an evil wizard. To do this, he must collect all of the pieces of a magical amulet that have been scattered across various levels and worlds. Along his journey, he will face enemies such as ghosts, robots, and dragons. Additionally, he must use special items to help him traverse obstacles and complete objectives.

The game features eight different levels with unique themes and environments ranging from ice caves to dark forests. Each level contains its own set of challenges for players to overcome such as defeating enemy creatures or finding secret areas. Players are also tasked with collecting coins which can be used to purchase power-ups or special items from shops throughout each level. As players progress through each level they will encounter bosses at various points in the game which must be defeated in order to progress further.

The controls in Geraldinho are simple yet effective allowing players to easily navigate around each level while taking out enemies along the way. The graphics are colorful and vibrant with detailed sprites and backgrounds making it a visually pleasing experience for gamers of all ages. The soundtrack is upbeat and catchy providing an enjoyable atmosphere while playing through each stage of the game.

Overall, Geraldinho is an excellent platformer video game that provides hours of fun for gamers looking for an exciting adventure on their Sega Master System console. With its varied levels and challenging gameplay, it's sure to keep players engaged until they reach the final boss battle where they'll take on the evil wizard himself!

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