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Nekyuu Kousien technical data

Name Nekyuu Kousien
System Master System II
Year 1988
Developer Sega
Genre Action


Nekyuu Kousien is a Sega Master System sports game released in 1987. It is an overhead-viewed soccer game that allows players to control a team of six players. The game has two modes of play: tournament and exhibition. In tournament mode, the player chooses one of four teams (England, France, Italy or West Germany), then plays against each of the other three teams in a round-robin format. Exhibition mode is a one-off match between two teams chosen by the player.

The game interface is fairly simple, with the ball being represented by a small white dot and each player by an arrow pointing in their direction. Players can move their team using either the d-pad or joypad, and pass or shoot using buttons on the controller. Both passing and shooting are done with power bars that fill up as you hold down the button – releasing it when it’s full will give you maximum power for your shot or pass.

Players can also choose to use special moves such as “super kicks” which allow them to score from long distances, or “dribble shots” which allow them to dribble past opponents without losing possession of the ball. Special moves can be activated by pressing both buttons simultaneously when the power bar is full.

The graphics in Nekyuu Kousien are quite basic but effective – all characters are made up of small squares and lines, while the pitch itself is just a green rectangle with some lines drawn onto it to represent goalposts and out of bounds areas.

The sound effects are mostly limited to some beeps and bleeps during menus and short samples when performing actions such as kicking or scoring goals; however there is also some background music played during matches which helps create an atmosphere for the game.

Overall Nekyuu Kousien is an enjoyable soccer experience for those who enjoy this type of arcade-style sports games from the 8-bit era; its simple controls make it easy to pick up and play while its special moves add some depth for those looking for something more challenging than just passing and shooting alone.

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