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Tecmo Super NBA Basketball technical data

Name Tecmo Super NBA Basketball
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1993
Developer Tecmo, Ltd.
Genre Sports

Tecmo Super NBA Basketball is a basketball game released for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive in 1992 by Tecmo. The game is based on the National Basketball Association (NBA), and features all 27 teams from the 1991–92 season. Each team has an accurate roster, with their respective starting lineups, as well as coach, city, and mascot. The game also includes a full-court view of the court during play.

The main objective of Tecmo Super NBA Basketball is to win the championship by leading your chosen team through a series of games against other teams in the league. You can choose to play either one or two players in exhibition mode or a full season mode. In season mode, you have three options: Regular Season Mode, Playoff Mode, and Championship Mode. In each mode, you can customize your team’s lineup and strategy before beginning play.

Gameplay in Tecmo Super NBA Basketball consists of controlling each player on your team as they attempt to score baskets while also defending their opponents from scoring points against them. You are able to control each individual player’s movement with the directional pad on your controller or joystick and use buttons A and B to make passes and shoot baskets respectively. If playing two-player mode, you can switch between the two players with button C on your controller or joystick.

The graphics in Tecmo Super NBA Basketball are quite good for its time; all characters are drawn with detail and color that makes it easy to differentiate between players on different teams. The background music is catchy but repetitive after a few minutes of playtime; however, there are sound effects that add an extra layer of realism when making shots or passing around the court.

Overall, Tecmo Super NBA Basketball is an enjoyable basketball game for fans of both sports games and arcade-style games alike. It provides a fun challenge for those who want to take part in virtual basketball tournaments without having to go out onto an actual court themselves! The gameplay mechanics are easy enough to learn so even first-time players should be able to pick up how things work fairly quickly while still providing enough depth for more experienced gamers looking for something more challenging than just shooting hoops at home!

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