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Olympic Summer Games Atlanta 96 technical data

Name Olympic Summer Games Atlanta 96
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1996
Developer Tiertex Ltd.
Genre Sports

The Olympic Summer Games in Atlanta in 1996 was one of the most exciting and memorable sporting events of the decade.

Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, one of the leading gaming consoles at the time, released a video game based on this event that allowed fans to experience the excitement and thrills of the Olympics from their own homes.

The game offered players the chance to compete in a variety of Olympic events, including track and field, gymnastics, swimming, and cycling.

Each event had its own unique gameplay mechanics and challenges, making it feel like a true representation of the real-world events.

The game also featured a variety of modes, including single-player, multiplayer, and tournament modes.

One of the standout features of the game was its graphics.

Despite being released on a 16-bit console, the game featured bright and colorful visuals that were quite impressive for the time.

The animations were smooth and fluid, and the game ran at a consistent frame rate, making it easy to follow the action on the screen.

The game also had a solid soundtrack that featured upbeat and energetic music that fit well with the fast-paced action of the events.

The sound effects were also well-done, providing an immersive audio experience that added to the excitement of the gameplay.

One of the most popular events in the game was the track and field competition.

Players had to master a variety of events, including the 100m dash, long jump, shot put, and high jump.

Each event required a different set of skills, with some events requiring quick reflexes, while others required careful timing and precision.

The game also featured a training mode that allowed players to practice their skills and improve their performance.

The gymnastics events were another highlight of the game, offering players the chance to perform a variety of routines on the balance beam, parallel bars, and vault.

The controls for these events were a bit more complex than the track and field events, but once mastered, they were incredibly rewarding to play.

The swimming events were also a lot of fun, with players racing against the clock to complete the various events.

The controls for these events were straightforward, with players using a combination of button presses to simulate the strokes used in real-world swimming.

The cycling events were some of the most challenging in the game, requiring players to manage their stamina and speed to stay ahead of the competition.

The controls for these events were a bit more complex than the other events, but once mastered, they were incredibly satisfying to play.

Overall, the Olympic Summer Games Atlanta 96 on Sega Genesis/Mega Drive was a fantastic sports game that captured the excitement and thrills of the real-world Olympic events.

The variety of events and modes, combined with the impressive graphics and solid gameplay mechanics, made it a must-play for any sports fan or fan of the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive console.

Even today, more than 25 years after its release, it remains a popular and enjoyable game for anyone looking for a fun and challenging sports experience.

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