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Sword of Sodan technical data

Name Sword of Sodan
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1990
Developer Innerprise Software
Genre Action

Sword of Sodan is a side-scrolling action game released for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive by Electronic Arts in 1989. It was developed by a team of people at the now-defunct studio, Electronic Arts UK. The game was well received for its unique blend of RPG elements and platforming action.

The story follows the protagonist, Sirrian, as he sets out to recover the legendary Sword of Sodan from the evil forces of Zoras. Zoras has taken over Sirrian’s kingdom and enslaved its inhabitants, so Sirrian must bravely venture through many dangerous levels to reclaim his home. Along the way, he will face off against powerful enemies in order to gain new abilities and weapons that will help him on his quest.

Players take control of Sirrian as they explore various locations such as forests, caves, castles, and dungeons. Throughout each level they must battle monsters while solving puzzles and collecting items such as keys or potions to progress further into the game. The player can also equip different weapons and armor which can be found or purchased in shops throughout the game world.

In addition to fighting enemies directly with their weapon, players can also use magic spells that vary depending on which character they are playing as; Sirrian is able to cast spells like “Lightning” or “Fireball” whereas other characters may have access to different types of spells such as “Wind” or “Ice”. These spells can be used strategically in combat or to solve puzzles within levels.

The game features multiple endings depending on how far players progress through it; if they complete certain tasks then a good ending will be revealed but if they do not then an alternate ending will occur instead. Additionally, some secrets are hidden throughout the levels which may provide hints about what lies ahead or even give players access to special weapons and items that can help them in their quest.

Overall Sword of Sodan is an enjoyable action-RPG experience that combines classic platforming elements with strategic combat and puzzle-solving gameplay all set within a medieval fantasy world full of danger and adventure. It provides hours of entertainment for those looking for something different from traditional RPGs while still offering enough challenge for even experienced gamers alike.

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