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Starflight technical data

Name Starflight
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1991
Developer BlueSky Software
Genre RPG

Starflight is a 1989 science fiction role-playing video game developed by Binary Systems for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive console. The game's plot involves exploration of hundreds of solar systems throughout the galaxy, as well as combat and diplomacy with alien races.

The player begins their quest in the Epsilon Sector on one of four planets. The home planet acts as a base for exploring, trading and upgrading their spaceship, allowing them to reach new starships which will open up new areas to explore. To explore a new area, the player must upgrade their ship or complete missions given by nearby aliens; some missions involve goods transport while others involve seeking out raw materials or battling hostile aliens and forces. Along the way they will encounter various alien races such as Humans, Thrynn and Tywimn. As the player progresses through the game they will uncover an ancient menace and discover that it's up to them to save the universe from annihilation.

As part of the exploration process, players need to collect resources including fuel and minerals, trade with aliens using credits earned or looted during battles or obtained via diplomatic ties with alien races, recruit crew members both human and alien, amass technologies from each explored solar system / vicinity and develop relationships with other species by buying off their services in exchange for rare items like relics or any precious item unique to each race; this allows them to build an armada better suited for intergalactic space travel and warfare tactics whenever necessary.

Combat takes place in real time involving ship defenses (turrets & missiles) against enemy ships & vessels attacking your party vessel and crew members; if fuel supplies are running low it may be wise to dock at a trading station so that you can acquire more fuel before engaging enemy ships in battle sequences – otherwise your fleet will be stranded out in space unable to escape. In addition to ship defense systems players also have access to planetary bombardment (ideal when dealing with large scale attacks) enabling maximum damage inflicted upon opponent fleets without leaving your own ship vulnerable due to depleted energy levels since all concerned entities must retreat after every successful round concluded back into hyperspace mode in order ensure completion of further quests & tasks accordingly; however there is always a risk involved regarding interference & unauthorized presence at foreign star systems while travelling through outer space due to limited scanning capabilities aboard most used vessels & machines involved during dramatic interstellar adventures put into motion long ago by Humans eager for discovery & knowledge gathering purposes only!

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