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Romance of the Three Kingdoms II technical data

Name Romance of the Three Kingdoms II
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1991
Developer KOEI Co., Ltd.
Genre RPG

Romance of the Three Kingdoms II is a turn-based strategy game developed by Koei for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive. This game is part of the long-standing Romance of the Three Kingdoms series, first created by Koei in 1985. The game was released in 1992 and it’s an adaptation of one of China's deepest literary classics, 'Romance of the Three Kingdoms.' It features text-based gameplay with tactical decisions being necessary to progress through a narrative based on Chinese lore and historical mythos.

The story follows Emperor Chi Huangdi as he sets out to unify China during the second century CE. He sets out to conquer seven different provinces, each under control by enemy forces. To get there, players must play through a multitude of battles on the world map view or have conversations when negotiating with rival generals or forming alliances. During deployments a 3x3 grid known as ‘the Nine Gates’ determines unit movement, overall battlefield prospects and troop strength depending on which sections are chosen for deployment.

Each general is represented as one of four distinct types: scholar warriors, general warriors, heroic warriors, and elite warriors - all with different attributes related to their success in battle . Their job is made easier with highly effective strategies such as feigning retreats or mapping unit strengths and dividing them into more impactful formations like creating triangles or wedges that help facing mobile armies and defend against large manoeuvres with ease. A total of 15 characters can be recruited to one’s army, plus items can be collected from battles won include armour and weapons that boost stats even further creating endless possibility for experimentation among players trying to reach ultimate victory conditions across this beautifully rendered version of Ancient China.

The graphics still retain its very classic motif even today since it was created using 16 bits era technology alongside vibrant colours (this rendition mostly uses blues and greens) also including sprite animations depicting battles adding atmosphere every time you prepare for an important fight; mood swings constantly until your victorious or taste an ignoble defeat - which makes up part of this games charm wondering what may happen next while seeking dominance over rival dynasties vying for power across a warring country thousands of years ago.

Koei remain impressed on how despite all these decades Romance Of The Three Kingdoms II provides quick structure shifts where some levels allow players to take cities through diplomacy whilst others require fast paced combat prowess tailored specifically towards gamers passionate about building coloured blocks representing ancient chinese strongholds come alive via music inspired 16 bit wars all set within epic stories escalating between two teams fighting for eons until only one who remains prosperously challenges his empire in a deeply rooted test business mind over machine yet retaining enough humanity where strategy plays an integral part when warding off impending doom while careful planning brings motivation to every corner until finding each mission complete satisfying goal ultimately claiming victory worthy experience untold since time immemorial leading grand conquest similar age old traditional Chinese boardgames titled appropriately ‘Risk & Chess from whence legends are made again…

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