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Skitchin' technical data

Name Skitchin'
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1994
Developer Electronic Arts
Genre Racing

Skitchin' is a Sega Genesis/Mega Drive skate racing game released in 1995 by Electronic Arts. It was developed by Sennari Interactive and aimed primarily at younger players, featuring simple yet effective graphics, an upbeat soundtrack and a user-friendly control system that made it an accessible option for everyone.

The game delivers a fun gaming experience with its intuitive gameplay, easy to learn controls and a vast array of courses to explore. Players take on the role of a skitchin', or skate racing driver, customizing their vehicle with stickers and enlisting sponsors in order to race across city streets while dodging speeding cars and weaving around tight corners. The player is able to choose from various levels of difficulty, enabling them to focus on mastering each new track as they progress through the game. Additionally, once the player has mastered one particular course they can return to it with upgraded components such as new wheels and axles all of which contribute towards making better times during each race against increasingly difficult computer opponents.

Skitchin' is fast-paced fun at its best offering those who master the controls access to new extreme tricks as they achieve higher ranks such as stunting over objects like billboards and powerlines or threading between narrow gates scattered throughout the world map layout. As well as these routes hidden pathways also exist for more advanced racers allowing for shortcuts throughout regular courses as well as secret locations accessible only via these hidden passageways through which different types of moves can be performed resulting in further points bonuses and ultimately advantage on the main track.

The game also boasts intense two-player mode wherein two players compete against one another — although usually both would be playing splitscreen — or 1v2 matches pitting one human against two computer-controlled AI opponents at once (though this form could only be accessed by playing on Easy difficulty setting). With quality visuals for the time, simple yet enjoyable gameplay and a vibrant -mile plus music score alongside amusing sound effects Skitchin' remains a classic title from the 16-bit era worthy of modern attention from retro gamers seeking some vibrant skate racing thrills.

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