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Shanghai 2 - Dragon's Eye technical data

Name Shanghai 2 - Dragon's Eye
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1994
Developer Activision
Genre Puzzle

Shanghai 2 - Dragon's Eye is an action-adventure game developed by Sunsoft and released for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive in 1992. The game is the follow-up to the original title Shanghai (also known as Mahjong) and marks the second entry in the long running series. Players take control of a martial artist named Taeo, who must explore seven magical realms, each with its own unique style of puzzle gameplay.

The game begins with a brief intro which introduces Taeo, a martial artist from China, who sets out on a quest to find the mysterious "Dragon's Eye," a powerful artifact said to be located somewhere in Japan. As he searches for it, however, he soon finds himself embarking on an even longer journey than he bargained for as he discovers seven puzzling worlds filled with various dangers and challenges. This includes hazardous enemies such as spiders, snakes, teapots and more that constantly patrol the realms' pathways; numerous obstacles that can only be bypassed with skillful strategizing; and clever levels designs that add extra challenge and variety during playtime.

In order to progress through each realm, Taeo will need to solve various puzzles as quickly as possible - these include sliding blocks around so they form patterns on screens, unlocking passageways by hitting levers in specific orders while also avoiding traps set by enemies and more. Some levels may require backtracking so that players can switch objects or use their newfound knowledge from previous stages in order to figure out tricky puzzles. The game also has power ups throughout the levels including health boosts, extra lives and invincibility; finding hidden secrets can also help players out at certain times.

But at its core this is still an action-adventure game where much of the appeal lies within discovering what lies down each corridor or around every corner - players must be willing to explore seemingly endless corridors full of strategically placed obstacles ranging from puzzle boxes to magical switches that don't always yield favorable results but move them one step closer towards uncovering the mysteries behind Dragon’s Eye's whereabouts. The colorful visuals give life to each level while some catchy music tracks will keep your interest when things get tough during this exciting journey across multicolored terrains filled with secrets waiting to be uncovered!

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