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Pac-Attack technical data

Name Pac-Attack
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1993
Developer Namco Limited
Genre Puzzle

Pac-Attack is a puzzle video game released in 1993 for the Sega Genesis Mega Drive. The game was developed by Namco and published by Boogerman Productions Ltd., and is essentially a port of the arcade version of the game, but with added levels, new graphics and different color schemes.

The main objective of Pac-Attack is to arrange blocks so that they form lines or complete boxes on the side view playing field. The point of the game is to match up same-colored blocks in order to score points. Blocks come at different sizes from two to five and can be rotated using buttons on the controller. Blocks also move down from into the playfield as more blocks appear above them; if these reach the bottom then it's game over. The player does not control Pac-Man directly but rather controls ghostly Pac-Blocks which can push colored blocks around much like a miniature shove it!

The player earns points for forming groups of four or more matching colored blocks, which are then cleared away from the playing field, allowing more room for movement and creating space for new blocks coming in from above. If two same-colored ghosts come together they will combine into one super ghost that removes extra rows when pushed against a wall or a set of connected blocks – this is known as Pac Attack Mode and grants additional bonus points. Special characters such as monsters, bells and lucky stones appear randomly during regular block placement intervals; their reaction to other colored blocks make them especially useful in tougher stages where there's less room available due to block crowding or outright lack thereof. Pursuing monsters must be avoided while bonus point items may grant extra lives or bonus rounds if used correctly. Additionally, stage modifiers can eliminate rows at random intervals or add hazards such as spikes; players must quickly adapt their strategies accordingly in order to overcome such devilish tricks thrown towards them by the CPU opponents!

The home version features eleven difficulty levels ranging from Easy to Extremely Hard, however completion requires completing both Normal and Expert modes – completion of Normal mode unlocks two additional mini games with both single player and duet opposition: falling arrows (a variant of tetris) and trump cards (a form of poker played using item cards located below both players' boards). This adds an alternative challenge for those seeking eternal glory apart from scoring big on cursed levels full of tricky traps!

Pac Attack became an instant cult classic amongst fans worldwide when it launched back in '93 thanks to its engaging gameplay mechanics combined with cartoonish visuals that heard towards remembering simpler times; its level design emphasizing quick thinking across multiple genre elements still stands strong 30 years later providing an old-school flavor unlike any other puzzle title born after it's time!

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