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Sensible Soccer - International Edition technical data

Name Sensible Soccer - International Edition
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1994
Developer Sensible Software
Genre Sports

Sensible Soccer – International Edition is a football game released for the Sega Genesis Mega Drive in 1995. It was created by Sensible Software, who also developed Sensible Soccer for the Amiga and PC. The main feature of this version was that it supported up to 8 as opposed to only 2 players on the original game, making it great for party play. Players could choose from over 50 international and club teams from around the world.

The control system was based on an "intelligent control canvas", which allowed for intuitive playing without having to memorise individual buttons or combos for each different style. This simplified gameplay, but still allowed for depth as players could do simpler passes, shots and other moves with ease, while more skilled players could pull off combos and trickier plays requiring greater concentration and skill.

Graphics wise, Sensible Soccer – International Edition used a top-down view with sprites instead of polygons, giving it a classic 16-bit style feel that continued into the menus and team selection. Players had colourised bodies instead of just the classic shirt/pant colour scheme, adding visual depth and complexity to the overall look of the game. Animations looked smooth as effort had been put into making sure they were true to actual football matches on TV at the time - tackling players result in them rolling out of shots naturally instead of suddenly coming up spinelessly like some older games had done previously.

The sound design was just as impressive if not even better than graphics; from catchy menu themes to stadium anthems, Sensible Soccer – International Edition had fully reflected crowd chanting and commentary when appropriate – all alongside realistic sound effects whenever kicks were made or interceptions happened. It all added a huge level of immersion, being right there amongst it all when playing against other human opponents or even computer ones! And you would almost swear you're professional footballer!

Sensible Soccer– International Edition ultimately stands tall as one of the best versions of the game released for any console. It took everything that made its predecessors successful like crisp visuals & immersive audio, added extra features like multiplayer support & over 50 national teams from around the globe – to make it an unmissable experience for any fan that loves their footy fix! No wonder why this version become so popular among many gamers back then when it was released because it simply offers both something unique yet traditional at same time without compromising on either aspect whatsoever!

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