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Pele's World Tournament Soccer technical data

Name Pele's World Tournament Soccer
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1994
Developer Radical Entertainment
Genre Sports

Pele's World Tournament Soccer is a soccer sim developed and published by U.S. Gold for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive in 1993. The game was developed in response to Konami's International Superstar Soccer Pro, though it featured a less realistic approach to gameplay, with cartoonish graphics and an emphasis on physical contact between players.

The game featured Pele himself as well as 24 international teams from around the world including: Argentina, Brazil, England, Germany, Italy, Spain and Sweden. Players could choose to play a single match or entire tournament against up to seven computer-controlled opponents. The game also allowed two human players to face off against each other in Full Match mode.

Gameplay focused on passing and shooting: when attempting a shot on goal the player had to carefully consider their positioning of their players as well as the strength and angle of their marking passes or shots in order to bypass the goalkeeper and score. As mentioned above, physical contact between players was emphasized; sliding tackles were especially risky because they resulted in an instant yellow card for the offending player if successful yet resulted in an instant red card (and thus expulsion from the match) if missed.

There were also several power ups that could be collected during matches such as Turbo Chute Mode whereby all players would automatically switch into turbo speed mode for several seconds giving them extra speed whilst subsequently draining their energy level faster too; Goal Keeper Blind Mode which caused the opposing goalkeeper most notably couldn't block shots accurately; Football Fish which acted like a soccer ball-shaped magnet for capturing wayward balls; and Super Boot which doubled all kicks' power making them slightly easier to control during penalty kick situations.

The game's audio-visual presentation adopted a fun cartoonish style featuring colourful characters combined with quite upbeat music that got your heart racing during intense moments of competition! Multiplayer features made this even more exciting allowing you to challenge your friends or family members - all leading towards some truly exhilarating matches! All this plus deep customization options (e.g., ability to change team names), added up to make Pele's World Tournament Soccer one of the best soccer sims on Sega Genesis/Mega Drive at the time!

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