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Madden NFL 98 technical data

Name Madden NFL 98
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1997
Developer Tiertex Ltd.
Genre Sports

Madden NFL 98 was a football video game released for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive console in 1997.

Developed by Electronic Arts, it was the seventh entry in the popular Madden NFL series and was widely praised for its gameplay, graphics, and overall presentation.

The game was a huge hit with football fans and gamers alike, offering a level of realism that was unprecedented at the time.

Madden NFL 98 allowed players to take control of their favorite NFL teams and players, compete against others in multiplayer mode, and even create their own custom teams from scratch.

The gameplay in Madden NFL 98 was smooth and intuitive, with players able to choose from a variety of offensive and defensive plays to outsmart their opponents.

The game's controls were simple to learn, but there was a great deal of depth to the gameplay, with players able to adjust their team's strategy on the fly to match the situation.

One of the biggest draws of Madden NFL 98 was its extensive roster of NFL teams and players.

The game included all of the teams from the 1997 NFL season, along with accurate player statistics and ratings.

This allowed players to recreate their favorite matchups and players from the real NFL season, adding a level of authenticity to the game that was unparalleled at the time.

In addition to the standard season mode, Madden NFL 98 also included several other gameplay modes to keep players engaged.

The game's "create-a-player" mode allowed players to design their own football player, complete with custom stats and appearance.

The game also included a "create-a-team" mode, which allowed players to design their own team logos, uniforms, and even stadiums.

Another standout feature of Madden NFL 98 was its graphics and presentation.

The game's visuals were top-notch for the time, with detailed player models and accurate stadium designs.

The game's menus and UI were also well-designed, making it easy for players to navigate and customize their experience.

Madden NFL 98 also featured an impressive soundtrack, with a mix of classic and modern tracks that complemented the game's fast-paced action.

The game also included commentary from popular sports announcers Pat Summerall and John Madden, adding to the game's overall realism and immersion.

Overall, Madden NFL 98 was a groundbreaking video game that set the standard for football games for years to come.

Its intuitive gameplay, extensive roster of NFL teams and players, and impressive graphics and presentation made it a must-play title for any football fan or gamer in the late 90s.

Despite its age, Madden NFL 98 still holds up today as a classic football game that paved the way for modern titles like Madden NFL 22.

Its emphasis on realism and depth of gameplay continue to be hallmarks of the Madden series, and its legacy lives on in the hearts of football fans and gamers alike.

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