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Rainbow Islands technical data

Name Rainbow Islands
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1990
Developer Taito Corporation
Genre Action

Rainbow Islands is a scrolling platform game developed by Taito, released in 1989 for the Sega Genesis and Mega Drive home console systems.

The game follows two characters, Bubby and Bobby, who travel between seven different 'islands' of the Rainbow Islands seeking to defeat an evil witch named Dorothy. The islands are made up of multiple layers connected by ladders or elevators; each layer contains platforms surrounded by water. The main objective is for Bubby and Bobby to reach the end of each level and find an exit, whilst avoiding enemies and obstacles along the way.

The player can attack enemies with a variety of weapons such as fireballs, ice blocks and stars. These weapons can also be used to destroy obstacles that would otherwise impede progress in levels. In addition to using weapons, both Bubby and Bobby have the ability to jump over certain objects like boxes and pitfalls. They also possess a double jump-move which sends them higher into the air and further across the screen faster than their normal jumping move.

In terms of bosses, there are six different types spread across all seven islands: lion statue, laser gun machine, punching square head monster, Godzilla-like dragon creature, glider missile machine, and magician witch Dorothy - the final boss at Island 7. Defeating each boss requires careful timing and dodging enemy attacks while attacking with your own weapons at opportune times.

Players must use skillful strategizing to navigate through each island's various traps and monsters while collecting gems on their journey; every 100 gems collected gives players an extra life point. As players progress through levels they gain special items like bonus points or lives which can help them clear each stage without much difficulty.

At certain points in each level there will be bonus rounds where players can aim to collect bonus points before time runs out – these points count towards overall score so it is worth trying out all bonus rounds during playtime! A secondary goal of collecting diamonds provides more incentive toward reaching higher scores – when these diamonds are collected in groups they explode creating additional points which add considerably to your overall score Overall Rainbow Islands plays fast paced with vibrant colors combined with fun music adding enjoyable elements for its audience that increases replayability once you get past the learning curve .

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