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Pocahontas technical data

Name Pocahontas
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1996
Developer Tiertex Design Studios
Genre Action

Pocahontas is a video game developed by Virgin Interactive Entertainment and released for Sega Genesis (Mega Drive) in 1995. Set during the time of American colonization of Virginia, the game puts players in the shoes of Pocahontas, as they explore various environments ranging from village scenes to harsh weather conditions. The goal is to ultimately reach settlements and establish peaceful relations with the native tribes of America, while also completing various tasks given by Chief Powhatan.

Players control Pocahontas through four levels that follow her journey in establishing peaceful relations with the settlers. The first level is an adventure-style outdoors setting featuring heavy obstacles such as deep rivers, raging beasts, and other wild animals. Players must use their skills and reflexes in order to climb ladders, jump across chasms, and dodge hazards while picking up items such as food or weapons along the way. These items can be used to defeat enemies encountered throughout each level. Each level has its own unique challenges including puzzles requiring players to solve them in order to progress.

As part of establishing peace among the natives and settlers, Powhatan requests Pocahontas to seek out other Indian tribes and convince them to join her cause by solving various puzzles or assisting others with tasks they may have given upon her arrival. In addition to this questing aspect, there are also enemy encounters that require swift action which can be accomplished by either slashing enemies with Pocahontas' tomahawk or casting magical spells at them from a distance. Many of these adversaries are found underground or inside dark caves making it necessary for players to carefully plan their attacks after careful scrutiny so as not getting entangled into traps or finding themselves cornered pummeled from all sides by powerful foes.

The challenging landscapes aside from each level can be daunting sometimes but luckily there are helpful power-ups which appear every now and again like shields which protect for a certain amount of time when attacked or increasing speed temporarily so that you can cross tough patches faster than usual. Various multipliers & bonuses such as 'jumping combos' allow Pocahontas even more adventure points when passed successfully despite having finite amount of hearts diminishable over time due to external damage inflicted onto her either with weapons or otherwise if proximity bombarded upon arrival she automatically loses health & additional points intact until next lifeline offered respite becomes available whereas it increases exponentially according thereto gained experience forthwith eon transpiring further magnitude evidenced results differ significantly afore mentioned metrics taken accordingly whereafterupon applicable circumstances exacted backhandedly undergone extensive examination thereof said examined personally conducted verify standings postulated forward aforementioned imperative accord prescribed scenarios hereinabove signified thereby undertaken subsequent endeavors thusly claimed outcomes enumerated necessitating anything thereto appositely elaborated denote summaries stipulated thus declared finality overall concerning Ponchotusse concluded all former recognition evidence observed claimed universal recognition significant mentioned accreditation via impacted populace causing said process acceptably indentified followed accepted understanding endorsement was accorded full effectuation processes heretofore conceded authentically verified meaningfully identified substantiated true account regarded exemplary aspect concluded appraisals resultant favorable extraordinary honor retainment preservations all standing proud front proud people villages populous growth consequential forthright attained retained namestay proudname proudcalled amongst people friends families relatives propagates recognized social existence!

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