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Spot Goes to Hollywood technical data

Name Spot Goes to Hollywood
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1995
Developer Eurocom Entertainment Software
Genre Action

Spot Goes to Hollywood is a Sega Genesis Mega Drive game released in 1996. It follows the adventures of Spot, a cute little spotty dog, as he sets out on his quest for movie stardom.

In this game, Spot must travel around Hollywood and make use of various talents and abilities to win small parts in famous movies. The player must complete a variety of tasks within each movie set, working their way up through the ranks until they eventually become an A-list actor. Alongside the mini-games and puzzles required to progress, there are also plenty of collectables dotted around the world that players can find to get an extra reward. Players can explore Hollywood's many celebrity locations such as Beverly Hills, Melrose Avenue and Hollywood Boulevard. As well as this, Spot must battle against a series of villains seeking to sabotage his dreams of superstardom!

The environments are bright and colourful cartoon-styled graphics which give Spot Goes to Hollywood a unique style and atmosphere. Throughout his journey Spot will face off against enemies led by notorious Dr Finkelstein with catchy musical rhythms accompanying them in battle – adding extra depth to the experience with every fight won or lost. There are over twelve different movie parts within seven levels of varied difficulty ranging from simple retail stores or markets all the way up to mysterious unexplored tombs or snow atop a mountain peak!

Spot Goes to Hollywood presents players with an enjoyable trip through Tinseltown filled with lively characters, challenging puzzles and entertaining mini games - ensuring no two games play exactly alike! With its lighthearted sense of humour and lively soundtrack; this classic platformer guaranteed hours upon hours worth of fun!

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