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Quack Shot Starring Donald Duck technical data

Name Quack Shot Starring Donald Duck
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1991
Developer Sega
Genre Action

Quack Shot Starring Donald Duck for the Sega Genesis Mega Drive is a side-scrolling platformer developed by Sega. The game follows Disney’s iconic character, Donald Duck, as he embarks on a quest to stop the evil witch Magica De Spell from finding the five pieces of an ancient relic known as King Garuzas’s golden gaze. As Donald moves through the surreal world of cartoonish locations, he collects and uses a variety of weapons to overcome enemies and progress through each level. Along with standard weapons like a slingshot and bubble gum balls, Donald also is given the opportunity to use special items such as an ice cream gun or balloon launcher that help him succeed in his mission.

The objective of Quack Shot Starring Donald Duck is to defeat multiple end bosses located at intervals throughout the levels: often times they are situated towards the end or shortly before it. While traversing each level, Donald must battle enemies like mobsters, bats, ghosts and other strange foes who will attempt to prevent his progress by shooting various projectiles at him; additionally he must dodge hazardous obstacles ranging from collapsing bridges to poisonous bubbles located in some water sections. To aid Donald in his mission there are power-ups scattered throughout each level; these range from temporary invincibility stars that increaseDonald's life gauge when collected up to growth stars which allow him to temporarily expand into giant size enabling him to take out several enemies simultaneously or destroy large obstacles.

Upon overcoming each stage's end boss players are rewarded with treasures such as rubies or coins that can be used between stages at Uncle Scrooge’s shop where players can buy various items including extra lives and health refuelers – thus making further progression easier for those skilled enough.

Quack Shot Starring Donald Duck also includes bonus rounds between levels consisting of either a mini-game which gives bonus points for successful completion or a more challenging section where players must guideDonald past heavily armed fortresses without getting hit.

Developed during the 16-Bit era Quack Shot Starring Donald Duck has been praised for its excellent graphical design; while aged today modern consoles have yet to generate such colorful graphic designs on comparable titles released within the same time period showcasing Sidhe Interactive’s still relevant design flair even 25 years later.. With its classic comedic themes found throughout and plenty dangerous enemies waiting around every corner, Quauch Shot Starring Donald Duck remains one of SEGA Genesis best late 90’s games - certainly worthy enough of being revisited regardless of its age!.

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