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Pro Quarterback technical data

Name Pro Quarterback
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1992
Developer Tradewest
Genre Sports

The Pro Quarterback for Sega Genesis Mega Drive is a football video game developed by V Reel that was released in 1994. This game features 16 64-bit teams from Division I-A along with 8 all-star teams, plus additional teams like the Great Britain and NEC Stars. Each team can be customized with a number of offensive and defensive plays to give you the upper hand when playing and to also provide an authentic feel of football. The two player mode allows you to challenge your friends or family in a gridiron showdown while the play-by-play computer announcer keeps things interesting when playing solo.

Pro Quarterback offers real-time action that directly responds to your commands, thanks to the advanced graphics engine optimized for mid-1990s hardware platforms. You get controls over everything from basic commands such as directing running backs and receivers, passing zones holds, and calling time outs, right up to making adjustments on offense and defense before each snap. It wasn’t revolutionary but Pro Quarterback did have some advanced features for its time - it featured multiple camera views of the action including ‘bird's eye view’ for more realistic plays as well as an impressive instant replay feature just like its broadcast predecessors watched on TV.

There are a few scenarios to consider when playing Pro Quarterback - partial games or complete season mode or all star exhibition match ups. You can takeover control of any professional football team taking into account their performance records; comprehensive view mode lets you pave your way through offense and defense integrating long shots, runs or pass completions into logical sequences of plays; coach port makes you access combinations returned tailored via experimental player analysis season after season. If that sounds like too much excitement then practice yourself against easy opponents in scrimmage mode before challenging the good college teams in single new games or practice modes—or competitive exhibition match ups against human rivals from around the world.

For customization options on Pro Quarterback there are offensive formations full of an assortment of tactics designed for every different situation in every game - audibles which enable you to change tactics mid-play depending on what would best suit your particular circumstances at any given moment; penalty boxes lets adjust infractions rules and power meter assigns statistics accordingly – like underhanded passes for certain characters that may be better at this than others; and custom award menus let players award rewards including rookie cards, awards presentations etc.. With sound sound effects featuring decent commentary throughout important moments during each match, thought has been put into creating an authentic representation together with nostalgia woven into it too taking players back through memorable moments especially with its famous rock soundtrack pumping out during kickoff transitions scenes setting up perfectly intense matchups ahead including allowing 32 players instead of two when using password once activated in special kiosk stands located throughout Japan.

Overall Pro Quarterback is as fun now as it was back then – you can rely on a challenging yet rewarding experience brimming with intense rivalry between serious college stalwarts filled with fast paced action thrilling one minute mysteries served up from unpredictable situations thrown in along the way making this classic title stand amongst some highly rated football titles even today.

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