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NHL 95 technical data

Name NHL 95
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1994
Developer High Score Productions
Genre Sports

NHL 95 is a classic ice hockey video game that was released for the Sega Genesis (known as the Mega Drive in some regions) in 1994.

Developed by Electronic Arts (EA), the game was the second installment in the NHL series and built upon the success of its predecessor, NHL 94.

One of the key features of NHL 95 was its expanded roster of real NHL teams and players.

The game included all 26 NHL teams at the time, as well as updated rosters and player ratings based on the previous season's performance.

This allowed players to recreate their favorite teams and players on the virtual ice and added to the overall realism and immersion of the game.

In terms of gameplay, NHL 95 built upon the fast-paced, arcade-style action of NHL 94.

The game used a top-down view of the ice, allowing players to quickly move the puck and execute complex plays.

The game also featured smooth and responsive controls, allowing players to easily skate, shoot, and pass with precision.

One of the key new features of NHL 95 was its improved artificial intelligence (AI).

The game's AI was more advanced than in NHL 94, with computer-controlled players able to make more intelligent decisions and react more realistically to the actions of the human player.

This added an additional challenge to the game and made it more difficult to score and win games.

Another new feature of NHL 95 was the ability to create custom players.

Players could create their own unique hockey players, customizing their appearance, abilities, and stats.

This allowed players to add themselves or their friends to the game and compete against real NHL teams and players.

NHL 95 also introduced a number of other new gameplay features, including the ability to play with three-on-three teams, new camera angles, and improved penalty calls.

The game also had a new "big hit" feature, which allowed players to deliver bone-crunching body checks on their opponents, adding to the physicality of the game.

In addition to its innovative gameplay mechanics, NHL 95 was also known for its impressive graphics and sound.

The game featured realistic player models and animations, as well as accurate depictions of the various NHL arenas.

The game also had a memorable soundtrack, featuring classic rock tracks such as "Sabre Dance" by Khachaturian.

Overall, NHL 95 was a significant improvement over its predecessor, building upon the success of NHL 94 and adding new features and gameplay mechanics.

Its expanded roster of real NHL teams and players, improved AI, and ability to create custom players made it a fan favorite among hockey fans and gamers alike, and it remains a classic favorite to this day.

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