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Prince of Persia technical data

Name Prince of Persia
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1993
Developer Broderbund
Genre Action

Prince of Persia is a classic side-scrolling action-adventure platform video game released in 1989 for the Sega Genesis Mega Drive. It was released in the arcade at the same time and later published by Broderbund Software, Inc. The game follows an unnamed Persian prince as he attempts to rescue a princess from the clutches of an evil vizier.

The story starts out with a mysterious old man who appears before the Prince and gives him an ultimatum: adventure through a mystical castle filled with treacherous obstacles within one hour or face certain death. The goal of the prince is to reach to Princess Elika who is held captive by Jaffar, the Vizier, who wants her hand in marriage. As the Prince races against time, he must battle monsters and evade deadly traps on his journey through exotic locales such as dungeons, mountainside pathways, jagged cliffs and royal chambers.

Gameplay involves jumping from platform to platform while avoiding hazards such as chasms filled with spikes, large blades that swing back and forth and other enemies that can either be killed or evaded. The Prince also has a sword which can be used to slay foes and attack bosses. Along with simple platforming, some levels contain elements of puzzle solving such as navigating mazes, locating hidden passages and pressing switches to open doors or activate mechanisms.

In addition to these main objectives there are several mini-games spread throughout the castle which can be played for extra points like searching for hidden objects within rooms and powering up trapped souls using magic spheres dropped from enemies or hidden within areas of levels. In addition there are bonus stages after completing each level where players can collect special items for power ups that give our hero added strength or invincibility for a short duration during tough battles against bosses and other powerful adversaries.

Prince of Persia is widely recognized as one of the earliest 3D scrolling platform games known today, bringing innovative concepts in navigation (jumping across platforms while avoiding various traps) being extremely influential in game design since then until now. Its multi-layered gameplay still offers unique strategic challenges all these years later while its captivating storyline keeps gamers coming back time after time often looking forward towards discovering Easter eggs hidden within its many castles — something which this first installment offered plenty of due its rather lengthy playtime making it an attractive title even among hardcore fans looking for ultimate completionists' scores!

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