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Premier Manager technical data

Name Premier Manager
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1995
Developer Realms of Fantasy
Genre Sports

Premier Manager is a football management sim game developed by Digital Image Design and released for the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive console in 1995. The game puts the player into the shoes of a manager of a football team, and tasks them with leading their team to success by managing financial and tactical decisions. This includes signing players, setting up coaching staff, managing tactics, training methods, scouting new players and dealing with sponsors.

The game was well-received at the time of its release due to its detailed gameplay mechanics and features. Players had complete control over almost every aspect of their team from controlling budget decisions, selling players to different teams, how training programs were run and balancing youth player development with veterans on the roster. Player’s could use this control to shape their team however they wanted whether it be for short-term success or building up an empire in hopes of future glory.

The game includes 14 different playable teams that range from England's top leagues down to divisions 3 and 4 which allowed the player choices on level difficulty when playing through seasons. The teams included original Premier League Clubs such as Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea as well as classic internationals such as France, Italy, Germany and Brazil.

The main objective is to win competitions by amassing points throughout the season which allows a chance for your club to move up divisions either at the end of a season or dependent upon other teams performances in all four divisions across Europe (England, Italy, Germany & France). A number of different off field activities are included such as setting ticket prices for match days depending on stature and recent form of your team or looking after sponsorships and media obligations promoting your club brand on a global level or sorting out contract details for Coach’s signings..

Premier Manager uses cut scenes during important game events such as matches or after wins/losses to give players a more "in-the-game" feeling - displaying commentary segments between reporters before & after games as well as results & stats presented after matches being played out using box score screenshots similar to live sports broadcasts. This created a sense of atmosphere which allows theming within games culture further adding onto its realistic feel allowing it to stand out strongly amongst other simulation titles in its space at that time.

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