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Powerball technical data

Name Powerball
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1991
Developer Namco Limited
Genre Sports

Powerball for the Sega Genesis Mega Drive is an action-packed sports game released in 1993 by American studio, Radical Entertainment. The game puts players in control of a ball-like character named Powerball who has the ability to perform high jumps, long stretches, and powerful throws. The goal of the game is to be the first player to either score 15 points or have a higher score than your opponent after 5 levels. In addition to the main mode of play, there are three additional modes as well: Party Mode which is a one-player tournament with up to 3 other computer-controlled opponents; Single Mode which is a two-player match and Tournament Mode which is a two-player tournament with 6 circuits.

The field that Powerball plays on consists of multiple platforms connected by ladders and fences obstructions and dividers come into play as well. Traps like flaming boulders can randomly fall from the sky while bombs can be used strategically against opponents. Players earn points by collecting power crystals scattered around each level while avoiding obstacles such as walls, platforms, water hazards, and so on. Eventually these power crystals are converted into energy balls that can then be thrown at opponents in order to knock them off their current position.

Players have 3 lives during each match and when they get hit with an energy ball they will go back to their home base (starting point). During some matches items like boosters or shields can appear but these won't last forever so you must take advantage of them when you can. Each level also contains its own color coded jump pads which give players extra height or distance when used correctly during jumps or throws—a helpful way to reach power crystals quickly!

Powerball for the Sega Genesis Mega Drive is full of passion, loads of fun, fast action, strategic thinking and mainly lots of enjoyment! It offers plenty of replay value since it's easy enough for beginners yet challenging enough for experienced players as well - making it accessible to all ages possible. With great precise controls allowing sharp direction changes/directional switches feel incredibly responsive compared to earlier skating games.. Overall Powerball sparkles with originality and features effectively designed level layouts!

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