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Frogger technical data

Name Frogger
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1998
Developer Konami
Genre Action

Frogger is a classic arcade-style game that was originally developed by Konami and released in 1981.

The game was later ported to the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive in 1991 and has since become a beloved classic among gamers of all ages.

In Frogger, players control a small frog who must navigate through a series of obstacles to reach the other side of the screen.

The game is set in a two-dimensional environment and features simple, yet addictive gameplay mechanics.

The goal of Frogger is to guide the frog across a busy road and a river, avoiding cars, trucks, and other hazards along the way.

The game is divided into several levels, each with its own unique obstacles and challenges.

Players must navigate through these levels and reach the end without getting hit by any obstacles.

The gameplay mechanics in Frogger are simple, yet challenging.

Players control the frog using a joystick or directional pad, and can make it move in four directions: up, down, left, and right.

The game also features a jump button, which allows the frog to jump over obstacles.

One of the most challenging aspects of Frogger is the limited time players have to complete each level.

The game features a timer, and players must reach the end of each level before time runs out.

This adds an extra layer of challenge and urgency to the gameplay.

The graphics in Frogger are simple and colorful, with bright backgrounds and detailed sprites.

The game also features catchy music and sound effects that add to the overall charm of the game.

The controls are responsive and intuitive, making it easy for players of all skill levels to jump right in and start playing.

In addition to the single-player mode, Frogger also features a multiplayer mode where two players can compete head-to-head to see who can reach the end of the level first.

This adds an extra layer of excitement to the game and makes it a great option for parties and gatherings.

Despite its simple gameplay and graphics, Frogger has become a classic game that has stood the test of time.

Its addictive gameplay, catchy music, and charming graphics have made it a favorite among gamers of all ages.

The game's accessibility and simple controls make it a great option for younger players as well.

In conclusion, Frogger is a classic game that has earned its place in gaming history.

Its addictive gameplay and simple controls make it a timeless classic that is still fun to play today.

Whether you're a longtime fan or a newcomer to the game, Frogger is definitely worth checking out on the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive.

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