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CJ Elephant Fugitive technical data

Name CJ Elephant Fugitive
System Game Gear
Year 1993
Developer Codemasters
Genre Action

CJ Elephant Fugitive is a Sega game gear game released in 1994. The game follows the story of CJ, an elephant who has escaped from the circus and must now travel through various worlds on his journey to freedom.

The player takes control of CJ as he navigates his way through five levels filled with obstacles and enemies. The levels range from forested areas to deserts, each with its own set of unique challenges. In order to progress through each level, players must collect coins and other items while avoiding or defeating enemies. After completing all five levels, players are taken to the bonus stage where they can earn extra points by destroying targets.

Players have access to a variety of power-ups throughout the game that can help them defeat their enemies. These power-ups range from bombs and fireballs to shields and speed boosts. Additionally, players can use special items such as invincibility stars that allow them to take out multiple enemies at once.

In addition to these features, CJ Elephant Fugitive also offers a two-player mode where two players can compete against each other in split-screen gameplay. During this mode, players must race against each other while collecting coins and avoiding enemies in order to reach the end goal first.

Overall, CJ Elephant Fugitive is an enjoyable action platformer game that offers plenty of challenge for gamers of all ages. With its vibrant graphics, catchy soundtrack and fun two-player mode, it’s sure to provide hours of entertainment for both casual and hardcore gamers alike.

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