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Arcade Classics technical data

Name Arcade Classics
System Game Gear
Year 1996
Developer Atari
Genre Arcade

Arcade Classics is a compilation of classic Sega arcade games released for the Game Gear in 1995. This compilation includes nine games from the golden age of arcades, including Space Harrier, Out Run, Super Hang-On, and After Burner II. The compilation also includes two exclusive games to the Game Gear, Columns and Flicky.

Space Harrier is an on-the-rails shooter developed by Yu Suzuki and released into arcades in 1985. The objective of the game is to guide protagonist Harri through eighteen stages while shooting at enemies with a laser gun. As enemies appear on screen, the player must move their character around to avoid being hit by enemy fire or colliding with enemies and obstacles. Points are awarded for shooting down enemies and bonuses are given for collecting power-ups scattered throughout each stage. The game features colorful graphics and high-energy music that add to its fast-paced action.

Out Run is a racing game developed by Yu Suzuki and released into arcades in 1986. It puts players behind the wheel of a Ferrari Testarossa as they race against time across five different courses set in various locations such as beaches and deserts. Players must avoid hazards such as cars driving in the opposite direction while trying to reach checkpoints before time runs out. Along the way they can pick up various power-ups that will help them reach their destination faster or give them extra points. The game features bright visuals and upbeat music that adds to its exciting gameplay.

Super Hang-On is a motorcycle racing game released into arcades in 1987 by Yu Suzuki. Players take control of a motorbike as they race against other computer controlled riders across sixteen different tracks located around the world while avoiding obstacles such as rocks and oil slicks along the way. Points are awarded based on how quickly players complete each course with bonus points awarded for completing sections within specific time limits or reaching certain speeds during races. The game features realistic physics, detailed graphics, and an energetic soundtrack that add to its thrilling gameplay experience.

After Burner II is another flight simulation game developed by Yu Suzuki released into arcades in 1987 which puts players behind the controls of an F14 fighter jet tasked with taking down enemy planes across eighteen missions set all over the world while avoiding incoming missile fire from ground bases or other aircrafts along the way . As they progress through each mission, players can collect power ups such as extra missiles or shields which will help them survive longer during hectic dogfights . The game features vibrant graphics , intense sound effects , and high speed action that keeps players engaged from start to finish .

Columns is an exclusive puzzle game released for Game Gear alongside Arcade Classics . This Tetris inspired title has players dropping three colored gems onto a playfield where they must be arranged vertically or horizontally into lines of three or more matching colors . Clearing lines will award points based on how many gems were cleared at once , with additional bonuses awarded if multiple lines are cleared simultaneously . With its simple yet addictive gameplay mechanics , this title quickly became one of the most popular puzzle games available on the system .

The last exclusive title included with Arcade Classics is Flicky , another platforming adventure originally developed by Sega in 1984 . Players take control of Flicky , an adorable bird who must traverse various levels filled with dangerous traps while rescuing her friends from vicious cats trying to capture them along their journey . By picking up items scattered throughout each level Flicky can gain access to hidden areas where she can find her missing friends but be careful not to get caught by any cats lurking nearby ! With its charming visuals , catchy music , and engaging platforming elements this title has remained one of Sega’s most beloved titles even today !

Overall Arcade Classics provides hours of fun for any fan of classic Sega arcade titles ! With nine classic games plus two exclusives this compilation offers something for everyone , whether you’re looking for intense shoot ‘em up action or challenging puzzle solving there’s plenty here to keep you entertained !

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