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Virtua Fighter Animation technical data

Name Virtua Fighter Animation
System Master System II
Year 1997
Developer Aspect Co. Ltd.
Genre Fighting

Virtua Fighter Animation was a Sega Master System game released in 1994. It was developed by Sega and produced by Sega AM3 (the same team responsible for the original Virtua Fighter arcade game). The game is based on the popular 3D fighting franchise of the same name, and it is one of the few 3D fighting games available on the Sega Master System.

The story follows two characters: Jacky Bryant, a young martial artist from Japan, and Sarah Bryant, his sister. They are both searching for their father who has mysteriously disappeared. Along the way they encounter various opponents in martial arts tournaments that they must battle through in order to find him.

The gameplay consists of two different modes: Arcade Mode and Story Mode. In Arcade Mode, players can choose between five different characters (including Jacky and Sarah) to fight against computer-controlled opponents. Victory is achieved by depleting your opponent’s health bar before time runs out or by executing a special move called an “Omni-Move” which deals massive damage to your opponent.

In Story Mode, players control Jacky or Sarah as they progress through a series of fights with pre-determined opponents in order to advance the plotline. At certain points in the story mode, players will have access to special bonus stages where they can earn extra items or money which can be used to purchase items from shops located throughout the game world.

Virtua Fighter Animation features vibrant graphics for its time, with detailed character models and dynamic camera angles that give it a cinematic feel during battles. The controls are relatively easy to pick up but still require skillful execution if you want to win matches consistently. The soundtrack also adds to the atmosphere with its upbeat techno tunes that fit perfectly with each fight scene.

Overall, Virtua Fighter Animation is an enjoyable 3D fighting game that stands out among other titles available on the Sega Master System at the time of its release due to its unique story mode and high production values. Although not as popular as its arcade counterpart, it remains one of the most underrated titles on this classic console due its interesting characters and fun gameplay mechanics that make it worth checking out even today!

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