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Taz in Escape From Mars technical data

Name Taz in Escape From Mars
System Master System II
Year 1996
Developer Headgames
Genre Action

"Taz in Escape from Mars" is a platform video game that was released for the Sega Master System in 1994.

It was developed and published by Sega and is based on the popular Looney Tunes character, Taz the Tasmanian Devil.

In the game, Taz has been abducted and taken to Mars, where he must escape and find his way back home.

The player controls Taz as he navigates through various levels, each filled with dangerous obstacles and enemies.

Taz's primary ability is his spin attack, which allows him to defeat enemies and break through barriers.

The game features five levels, each with its own unique challenges.

The first level takes place in a Martian desert and features sandstorms, rock formations, and enemy robots.

The second level is a space station filled with conveyor belts, lasers, and other hazards.

The third level is a Martian city, where Taz must avoid falling debris and defeat enemy robots.

The fourth level is a mining facility, where Taz must navigate through tunnels and caves, avoiding dangerous machinery and enemies.

The final level is a boss battle against the alien abductor, who Taz must defeat to escape from Mars and return home.

"Taz in Escape from Mars" features colorful and detailed graphics, with animations and character designs that stay true to the look and feel of the Looney Tunes characters.

The game's soundtrack is upbeat and playful, with music that complements the action on-screen.

One of the unique features of the game is its ability to change the direction of gravity.

This allows Taz to walk on walls and ceilings, adding an extra layer of challenge and strategy to the game.

The player must carefully navigate Taz through the levels, using his spin attack and gravity-defying abilities to avoid obstacles and defeat enemies.

The game is challenging, but also accessible, with a difficulty level that is appropriate for players of all skill levels.

The controls are simple and intuitive, making it easy for players to get started right away.

The levels are designed to be replayable, with hidden items and secrets to discover on subsequent playthroughs.

In conclusion, "Taz in Escape from Mars" is a fun and entertaining platformer that is a must-play for fans of the Looney Tunes franchise and classic platformers.

Its combination of charming graphics, engaging gameplay, and memorable soundtrack make it a classic in the Sega Master System library.

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