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Space Mountain technical data

Name Space Mountain
System Master System II
Year 1983
Developer Sega
Genre Shooter

Space Mountain is a classic Sega Master System game released in 1987. It is a side-scrolling platformer which follows the adventures of a young space explorer, named Jack, as he attempts to save his home planet from an alien threat. The game features 8 levels of play that take place on different planets and asteroids. The goal of each level is to collect all the pieces of the "Space Stone" and then reach the exit before time runs out. The game includes several obstacles and enemies, such as slimes, robots, and aliens, that must be avoided or destroyed in order to advance.

The game begins with Jack's home planet being threatened by an alien race called the Space Pirates. In order to save his world, he must travel through eight levels of action-packed platforming in search for the eight pieces of the Space Stone. Each level consists of a variety of platforms and obstacles that must be navigated in order to progress further into the level. Enemies are encountered along the way, who can be shot at or jumped over with careful precision in order to avoid taking damage or losing any lives. Power-ups can also be collected throughout each level which help Jack become stronger and gain more lives.

In addition to regular enemies and obstacles, each level has its own unique challenge that must be completed in order to progress further into the game. These challenges range from defeating a boss enemy at the end of a level or collecting enough coins to open up secret areas where bonus items can be found. Collecting all eight pieces of the Space Stone not only allows Jack access to new levels but also provides him with access to powerful weapons such as lasers, missiles, and rockets which can help him defeat difficult enemies more easily.

Once all eight pieces have been collected, Jack must make it back to his home planet safely before time runs out in order for him to save it from destruction by the Space Pirates. Along this journey there are many secrets waiting for you to uncover as well as some tricky puzzles that need solving if you want to complete your mission successfully!

Space Mountain is an entertaining retro platformer that offers plenty of challenge while providing players with hours upon hours of fun gameplay. It's colorful visuals combined with its catchy soundtrack makes it an enjoyable experience for both younger players just starting out their gaming journey as well as experienced gamers looking for something nostalgic yet challenging at the same time!

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