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Loletta no Syouzou technical data

Name Loletta no Syouzou
System Master System II
Year 1987
Developer Sega
Genre Action


Loletta no Syouzou is a Sega Master System game developed and published by Sega in 1989. It was only released in Japan. The game follows the story of Loletta, a young girl who travels to another world with her magical broom. Once there, she must explore the strange land in search of three magical stones that will help save her world from destruction.

The game is an action/adventure platformer with puzzle elements. Players take control of Loletta as she explores the different levels and environments of the strange world. She can jump, shoot her broom, and use various items to progress through the levels. Along the way she can collect coins which can be used to purchase items from shops located throughout the game world. The goal of each level is to find all three magical stones before proceeding to the next level. As Loletta progresses through the levels she will encounter various enemies and obstacles as well as bosses at the end of each level that must be defeated before progressing further.

The graphics for Loletta no Syouzou are quite basic but still appealing enough for its time period. The main character sprite has detailed animations which add charm to her movements throughout the game world. The backgrounds are brightly colored and feature a variety of objects such as trees and rocks which move slightly when interacted with. The sound effects are also quite simple but they fit nicely into each scene and add an extra layer of atmosphere to each level.

Overall, Loletta no Syouzou is an enjoyable action/adventure platformer with some interesting puzzle elements that players can enjoy while exploring its strange world full of colorful characters, enemies, and obstacles. While it may not be as technically advanced or graphically impressive compared to other games on the Sega Master System, it still offers plenty of fun for those who take the time to explore it fully.

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