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Great Baseball technical data

Name Great Baseball
System Master System II
Year 1987
Developer Sega
Genre Sports

Great Baseball is a sports simulation video game developed and published by Sega for the Master System in 1988.

The game is known for its realistic gameplay, which was a major selling point for sports video games during the 8-bit era.

Players can select a team from four different leagues and play through a full 162-game season, including playoffs and the World Series.

The game offers various modes of play, including an exhibition match, home run contest, and a batting practice mode.

One of the standout features of Great Baseball is its impressive attention to detail.

Players can choose to control either the pitcher or the batter, and the game accurately simulates the mechanics of both positions.

The pitcher must choose the right type of pitch and the right location to throw it, while the batter must time their swings and choose the right type of hit.

The game also features realistic player stats and abilities, which are affected by the player's performance throughout the season.

This means that players who perform well will be more successful in the game, while those who perform poorly will struggle.

This adds an extra layer of strategy to the game, as players must make strategic decisions about who to play and when to play them based on their abilities and performance.

The graphics in Great Baseball are solid for its time, with detailed player animations and a well-designed stadium.

The game also features a comprehensive scoreboard and stats tracker, which provides players with up-to-date information about their performance and the performance of their opponents.

The sound effects are also well-done, with realistic crowd noises and a catchy soundtrack that adds to the overall atmosphere of the game.

In conclusion, Great Baseball is a must-play for any fan of classic sports video games.

Its realistic gameplay, attention to detail, and well-designed graphics and sound make it a classic that stands the test of time.

While it may not be as advanced as modern sports games, it is still a fun and enjoyable experience for fans of 8-bit sports games.

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