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FIFA International Soccer technical data

Name FIFA International Soccer
System Master System II
Year 1996
Developer Extended Play Productions
Genre Sports

FIFA International Soccer is a sports video game developed by EA Sports for the Sega Master System console.

It was first released in 1994 and is based on the FIFA World Cup, which is the most prestigious international soccer tournament in the world.

The game features national teams from various countries, including Brazil, Italy, Germany, and Argentina.

The gameplay in FIFA International Soccer is realistic and fast-paced, with players able to perform a variety of moves such as passing, shooting, and tackling.

The game also features a variety of camera angles, allowing players to view the action from different perspectives.

Additionally, the game includes a tournament mode, where players can compete in a series of matches to win the World Cup.

The graphics in FIFA International Soccer are detailed and realistic, with players and stadiums looking very similar to their real-life counterparts.

The game also features a wide range of sound effects, including crowd cheers and referee whistles, which add to the realism of the game.

One of the key features of FIFA International Soccer is its licensed teams and players.

This means that the game features real-life teams and players, allowing players to compete with their favorite teams and players.

This adds an element of realism to the game and allows players to experience the excitement of international soccer.

Overall, FIFA International Soccer is an excellent sports game that offers a realistic and fast-paced soccer experience.

The game's graphics and sound effects are impressive, and the tournament mode provides a great way to experience the thrill of the World Cup.

The licensed teams and players add an extra layer of realism and make the game even more enjoyable for soccer fans.

However, it's worth noting that this game was released a long time ago, and there have been many advancements in soccer video games since then.

The newer versions of FIFA video games have advanced in terms of graphics, gameplay, and features.

In conclusion, FIFA International Soccer for the Sega Master System is a classic soccer video game that captures the excitement and realism of international soccer.

The game's fast-paced gameplay, impressive graphics, and licensed teams and players make it a must-play for soccer fans.

Although it's an old game, it still can be fun for those who want to experience the classic soccer video game.

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