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Ferias Frustradas do Picapau technical data

Name Ferias Frustradas do Picapau
System Master System II
Year 1996
Developer Tec Toy Indústria de Brinquedos
Genre Action


Ferias Frustradas do Picapau is a Sega Master System game released in 1988. It is a platformer-style game that follows the adventures of two characters, Dona Benta and her nephew Joao as they attempt to save their carnival from a group of villains. The game was developed by Tec Toy and is based on the popular Brazilian children’s TV show of the same name.

The objective of Ferias Frustradas do Picapau is to travel through four levels filled with enemies, obstacles, and traps while attempting to collect five pieces of a magical amulet. These pieces are spread across each level in various places, some hidden away or guarded by enemies. Each level is split up into multiple sections which must be completed before progressing to the next one. As you make your way through the levels, you must use Dona Benta’s trusty umbrella as well as Joao’s slingshot to defeat enemies and avoid hazards. You also have access to special items such as bombs and ropes that can help you progress through each level.

The graphics in Ferias Frustradas do Picapau are colorful and detailed, with vibrant backgrounds and sprites that are lively and full of personality. The music is upbeat and catchy, adding to the fun atmosphere of the game. The controls are responsive and easy to learn; however, some of the jumps can be tricky due to the lack of precision when controlling Dona Benta or Joao’s movements.

Overall, Ferias Frustradas do Picapau is an enjoyable platformer that offers an interesting challenge for players looking for something different from other games on the Sega Master System at the time. Its unique setting and characters make it stand out from other 8-bit titles released during its era; however, its difficulty may put off some players who are not used to this type of game. Despite this minor issue, it remains an enjoyable experience for anyone looking for something different from what was available at that time period.

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