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Bomber Raid technical data

Name Bomber Raid
System Master System II
Year 1989
Developer Sanritsu Denki
Genre Action

Bomber Raid is an arcade-style shoot 'em up video game developed by Sega and released for the Master System console in 1986. The objective of the player is to guide a fighter jet through multiple levels of enemy air and ground forces, while avoiding enemy fire. The game features a variety of power-ups which can be collected to upgrade the player's weapons and capabilities.

The game begins with the player controlling their jet as it takes off from a runway. The player must navigate their way through a series of enemy air and ground forces, trying to avoid being shot down or damaged by their enemies' fire. As they progress through each level, the player will encounter increasingly difficult enemies and obstacles. In order to defeat these foes, the player must make use of various power-ups which can be collected throughout the levels. These power-ups include missiles, bombs, shields, extra lives and speed boosts. By using these items wisely, the player can increase their chances of surviving each level and progressing further into the game.

Once all levels have been cleared, the player will enter a final boss battle against a giant robot mecha which requires them to use all of their acquired weapons and skills in order to defeat it. Upon successful completion of this final battle, players are awarded with points based on how well they performed during each level as well as any bonus points earned from collecting power-ups throughout the game; these points are then tallied up at the end for comparison against other players' scores.

Overall, Bomber Raid is an enjoyable arcade shooter that provides players with plenty of challenge while also offering them an array of interesting power-ups to experiment with during gameplay. With its simple but addictive gameplay mechanics combined with vibrant visuals and sound effects, it remains one of Sega's most popular Master System titles even today – making it worth checking out for any old school gaming fan looking for some classic shoot 'em up action!

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