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Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego technical data

Name Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1992
Developer Broderbund
Genre Educational

Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego is a classic Sega Genesis/Mega Drive video game released in 1994. The player takes on the role of an ACME detective tasked with tracking down the notorious criminal Carmen Sandiego and her gang of V.I.L.E (Villains In League with Evil) henchmen.

The game is set in a variety of locations around the world, from ancient Egypt to the Wild West. At each location, the player must investigate various clues and evidence that will ultimately lead them to Carmen and her henchmen. Along the way, they must also battle V.I.L.E agents and perform mini-games such as matching cards or playing hangman in order to progress further in their investigation.

The main objective of Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego is to apprehend Carmen by using time travel technology developed by ACME’s top scientist, Dr Saira Bellummeister, which allows the player to travel back and forth in time at any given point during their mission. This means that they can both prevent crimes before they happen as well as investigate past events related to Carmen’s criminal activities.

The player’s success depends on their ability to collect evidence and solve puzzles while staying one step ahead of V.I.L.E agents who will do anything to stop them from finding out where Carmen has gone next - from setting traps to stealing important evidence! As such, it’s up to the player to be vigilant and quick-thinking if they are going to catch up with the elusive thief!

At each location, players must use their investigative skills - such as searching for fingerprints or analyzing handwriting samples - in order to identify clues which will eventually lead them closer towards catching Carmen Sandiego and her cohorts once and for all! In addition, they must also make sure that they don’t get too sidetracked by side missions or other distractions which could cost them valuable time when chasing after their quarry!

Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego combines elements of adventure gaming with traditional puzzle-solving mechanics for an exciting gaming experience that’s sure to challenge even experienced gamers! With its unique blend of exploration, problem-solving and action, this title remains a timeless classic today!

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