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Sorcerian technical data

Name Sorcerian
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1990
Developer Nihon Corp.
Genre RPG

Sorcerian is a SEGA Genesis/Megadrive dungeon crawler RPG that was created by Nihon Falcom and released in Japan in 1988. The game allows four players to explore randomly generated dungeons, encounter enemies and bosses, discover new weapons, magic items, special abilities and search for hidden treasures. Players are also able to customize their character with different job classes such as Wizard, Priest, Dragon Knight and more.

The story follows the young adventurer who has been entrusted with a mission to explore the lands beyond his home, where seven magical towers have been erected to protect the world from an ancient evil. Legends tell of a powerful sorcerer who had fled into exile long ago, who may still be hiding in one of these strange towers. To succeed in his quest, he must do battle with monsters and outwit devious traps - even kindy strange allies - as he discovers secrets about himself and the other adventurers along for the ride.

The overall gameplay consists of progressing through various floors of randomly generated dungeons. As players progress deeper into each floor of the dungeon they can experience random encounters within each area where they will fight either automatically or manually selected targets chosen from a list of available enemies in order to gain experience points or sometimes items such as armor and weapons or spells depending on what class you chose for your character at creation . As players level up they become stronger and tougher which can help them progress further into each dungeon without getting taken out so easily by enemy strikes but also bear in mind that certain monster types tend to deal more damage upon hitting your character due to higher stats depending on what kind off type it is e.g (Dragon).

In addition ,players are also able to travel between floors via portals within each area or with given teleporters found throughout some dungeons which requires our players intelligence in order to safely access different locations within each dungeon especially when trying to move among several areas quickly . Players are rewarded for completing tasks by obtaining rare items that can be sold off at stores throughout some levels and can ultimately assist both parties by providing extra rewards upon sale completion while weakening impending threats prior battles.

Overall Sorcerian provides an exciting RPG experience with its intense combats, incredible customization options , varied environments , secret pathways , epic boss battles along with its stunning aesthetic visuals , catchy 8-bit music all rolled into one single complete package making it an absolute classic gem all throughout if you ever do get a chance go ahead give try out this forgotten gem !

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