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Sol-Deace technical data

Name Sol-Deace
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1992
Developer Wolf Team
Genre Shooter

Sol-Deace (also known as Soldier Blade in North America) is a shoot ‘em up video game released by Hudson soft for the Sega Genesis/MegaDrive in 1992. It was re-released on the Wii's Virtual Console in 2008 and also included on several of Sega’s classic console collections.

The game stars the player, a solider piloting a mechanised jet fighter called Star Leaf through seven levels of side-scrolling mayhem set in science fiction universe. The player has to battle against a number of enemies that range from airborne fighters to ground tanks and even giant robots while flying around destroying terrain obstacles and collecting power ups to gain new weapons and increased defences. Power ups are collected from defeated enemies or scattered containers throughout the level which can upgrade the ship’s primary weapon system, its shields, bombs or missiles for example. One of Sol- Deace’s big features is that there are multiple paths available depending on which routes are taken - some containing hidden power ups for example. Players can also gain bonuses if they win special fights at the end of each path like defeating boss characters or targets - achieving higher ranks will reward better bonuses too.

Each level culminates with an end boss which must be defeated before progressing onto the next; these bosses come in various forms such as carriers that deploy enemies, large spacecrafts with vulnerable points on their exterior or single pilot aircrafts equipped with lasers cannon barriers etc. During certain sections enemies may retreat making it easier for you progressly progress through certain pathways but also presenting other dangerous enemies as an alternative - choosing which route to take is entirely up to you! Bonus rounds occasionally appear too featuring various enemy aircraft where shooting down enough of them within time limits rewards you experience points spawning special items such as extra lives or score multipliers to boost your final score result considerably.

The game has great graphics displayed with solidly detailed character sprites, colourful backgrounds filled with details like exploding debris when shot at and animation effects scored through an epic soundtrack pounded out by a powerful 8-bit synthesizer chip accompanying realistic sound SFX’s in accompaniment create an intense sense gaming atmosphere – helping push Sol-Deace into its own genre legend over time due to the highly replayability qualities associated its feature set.. Despite that title having two very iconic characters but lack interesting story plot development its not detract too much too enjoyment experienced playing so make sure give this one try if ever bothered fire up Genesis nowadays enjoy projective shooter cult classic way it intended be!

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