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Snow Bros. - Nick & Tom technical data

Name Snow Bros. - Nick & Tom
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1993
Developer Toaplan Co., Ltd.
Genre Action

Snow Bros. – Nick & Tom is a 1990 run and gun video game developed by Toaplan and published by Capcom. The game was released for the Sega Genesis Mega Drive in 1990. In Japan, it's known as Snow Bros. 2: With New Elves. It was subsequently ported to a number of different platforms, including the Super NES, Neo Geo and Commodore 64 versions, being released worldwide under the Snow Bros. title alone.

In the game, players take control of either Nick or Tom as they make their way through 50 different levels filled with monsters that must be eliminated by throwing snow at them and then kicking them off-screen. As they progress in each level, players can collect special power-ups such as bombs, blocks of ice which freeze enemies solid, jars which eliminate all on-screen enemies when broken and fruits which award bonus points when collected. As an extra bonus level can be played every five stages, earning bonus points or gaining additional energy or other items. Additional characters can be unlocked once a set amount of levels are completed too - including Diana, Jack Frost and Santa Claus himself!

The gameplay is similar to Bubble Bobble where two player drop snow on enemy monsters from the top of the screen causing them to temporarily stick together before being kicked away towards other monsters still in play. This action causes chains which allows for large bonuses to be gained for clearing multiple opponents at once with each successive combination resulting in higher rewards within that particular playthrough session. This style might sound simple but it actually creates deep skilled gameplay as timing/positions are important for optimum scoring as skillful players will quickly figure out how to master this classic title whilst newbies will also have fun learning during their journey and ultimately rising through the ranks from bottom beginner all way up to respected master!

Overall playing Snowbros though offers variety with skillful gameplay elements like combos etc., which increases replayability value over long term period whereas arcade action provides quick thrills while taking on armies of pesky baddies along their heroic adventure! The visuals in particular stand out with colorful backgrounds and animations looking crisp clean even after many years thanks mainly due graphical fidelity held high fidelity standards back day for Sega console systems compared against dodgy visuals often experienced at home releases present day industry norm…

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