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Shadowrun technical data

Name Shadowrun
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1994
Developer BlueSky Software
Genre RPG

Shadowrun is a 1993 Sega Genesis/Mega Drive video game based on the tabletop Cyberpunk / Fantasy roleplaying game of the same name. The game was developed by BlueSky Software and released in North America on April 2nd, 1993.

The game takes place in the near future, where mega-corporations rule, and magical creatures lurk in the darkness. Players take control of Jake Armitage, an amnesiac who has awoken in seemingly hostile environment with no memory of his past or identity. He soon discovers that he is actually an adept “shadowrunner” – a hacker vigilante hired to carry out missions for corporations, criminal syndicates and powerful individuals. The main game objective is for the player to uncover his true identity, as well as discover why he had been targeted by so many factions simultaneously. Shadowrun was distinguished from other games at the time not only by its unique blend of cyberpunk science fiction and high fantasy elements but also by offering a highly interactive 3D map where players can explore two types of levels – virtual reality networks (known as “Matrix”) and physical world maps.

To progress through the game, Jake must complete a variety of missions and side tasks including hacking into Matrix networks or completing physical world objectives such as delivering sensitive information without detection or rescuing individuals held captive by rival factions. In addition to these mission objectives, players must manage their character's stats such as physical health, mental stability, magic powers and skills with weapons using experience points earned from both completing missions successfully and defeating enemies. To give some extra depth to each mission there are conversation choices which will shape how NPCs respond to you during your adventure depending upon on previous dialogues chosen or sometimes certain foes or bosses require specific strategies like weakness/resistance exploiting magic spells in order to be defeated instead of simply depleting their HPs.

An important feature that separates Shadowrun from other games at the time was its integrated cityscape - set within Seattle - which allowed interactivity with different kinds of people such as sources for selling items and hiring runners beside discovering clues about Jake's amnesia mystery all over town . This also allows for mini-sidequests like helping out local characters in need for goodwill chunks , aiding freedom fighters against hostile corporate goons initiatives or even supporting illegal gangs battling one another which has ripple effects affecting story branches leading you towards unlocking more areas . Various buildings here contain shops which provide gear updates unavailable anywhere else . These include both cybernetics implants allowing significant tech upgrades plus alchemy material components necessary when casting spells while engaging combat sequences against rivals willing to prevent your progress . It's noteworthy that one special district available midgame called Native Lands contains several magical areas harboring ancient spirits capable of bestowing powerful equipment plus invaluable favors such as teleportation services saving lots of time otherwise spent travelling around metropolitan landscapes located between mission markers just like any traditional sandbox action RPG franchise setups nowadays . Another ambitious characteristic included because this being an urban fantasy themed tale is a virtual pet mechanic – genetically created bioforms custom tailored with various skill bonuses ready to act as additional allies during tougher encounters though this system involves resource spending functions that must be mindful taken account since cashstock currency gets frequently drained quickly due its reliance on multiple character upgrading activities .

In sum this arcade-style high notch adventure managed another genre landmark back then thanks its crunch yet smooth mixture openended exploration dynamics , puzzle solving brainteasing scraps inclusive menu phases engaged alongside vibrant cartoonish renderings ultimately proving realtime powered stealth simulation pioneers appeal still able make strong difference right away until nowdays when historical classics get remade trying replicate experiences originated long ago by sure intentions remain unaltered despite now notorious generations gaps while rekindling established fandom fervors turning warm memories younger crowds therefore there's no surprise why iconic cult hits like Shadowrun reborn courtesy more adventures enabling active generation rejoice seminal romp developments founded quarter century earlier

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