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Rolo to the Rescue technical data

Name Rolo to the Rescue
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1992
Developer Vectordean Ltd.
Genre Action

‘Rolo to the Rescue’ is a traditional platformer video game that was released for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive console in 1994. Developed and published by System 3 software, this touchscreen based game stars a young elephant named Rolo who is trying to save his family from the dangers of the Golden Desert.

Players take control of Rolo as they guide him through the five levels of the world. Players must save their family by finding and activating rocks that stop time, rescuing animals, collecting coins and hearts, avoiding enemies, walking on tightropes, eating food and more. Each level contains secret passages, hidden goodies, and time-based bonuses to help players progress through the game more quickly with greater ease.

Graphically, ‘Rolo to the Rescue’ displays colorful cartoon characters and backgrounds while having some brief but limited animations here and there. The sound effects consist mostly of sound clips made from real instruments or virtual synthesizers with a few digitized vocal samples thrown in for good measure. The music consists primarily of lighthearted tunes with simple melodies that are pleasant enough for younger gamers to follow without becoming annoying or repetitive after extended gameplay periods.

The controls for ‘Rolo to the Rescue’ consist of four directional buttons on the D-pad, two fire buttons and two action buttons (jump & pause). Movement is quick but can be somewhat awkward at times when negotiating tense situations as a result of clunky collision checks resulting in errant traps aimed at unexpected locations within stages. As such, some player trial and error may be encountered before mastering many stages in their entirety due to these minor inconveniences in control scheme execution requiring revisiting levels several times over until progressing forward has been achieved.

In conclusion ‘Rolo To The Rescue’ provides a solid platforming experience across five compelling worlds with plenty of secrets to uncover throughout each stage offering something new upon every revisit depending on player exploration risks undertaken up to any given point. Trading overly complex mechanics/control schemes for simpler input commands grants easier entry access even towards non-hardcore gamers particularly towards those fond of high scores catering towards skillful performance rather than pure quantity runs rewarding players with extra lives or similar bonuses via reviving momentarily discarded creatures located within each stage’s safe haven pockets making ‘Rolo To The Rescue’ quite ideal for those casual players still wanting something meaty enough without diving too deep into convoluted leveling mechanics common among its contemporaries not only during its own era but currently still seen today amid indie gaming circuits around modern gaming platforms..

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