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Radical Rex technical data

Name Radical Rex
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1994
Developer Beam Software
Genre Action

Radical Rex is an action-packed platformer game released by ICOM Simulations in 1994 for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive. Developed and published by ICOM Simulations, Radical Rex is a sidescrolling platformer game starring a purple dinosaur named Rex as the main protagonist.

The game takes place in 3D Prehistoric World ruled by a Tyrannosaurus called Whiskers who has put out a decree that nobody can leave the world until all of his enemies are destroyed. Thankfully, the player takes control of Rex, who heeds the call and goes on a quest through nine levels to save his prehistoric friends from their impending doom. Along the way Rex can take control of various vehicles such as jetpacks, flying dune buggies and motorboats to fight off wacky enemies like scuba-faring mammals, skateboarding raptors and other odd creatures throughout each level.

The gameplay of Radical Rex focuses on platforming action: players must collect energy icons to refuel Rex's energy bar found above his health meter which diminishes when taking damage from various enemies or obstacles within each level; while also using any vehicle they come across in order to reach new areas or gain access to bonus items like extra lives or power-ups. On top of maintaining energy, players must also be mindful of Rex's health bar because if it depletes completely then the player will lose one life and be taken back to an earlier part of the level; but thankfully there are countless bonus stages scattered throughout each level so players won't have to restart from far away too often in order to make progress.

One unique feature about Radical Rex is its innovative “Rampage Mode” which allows players who get further along in the game more freedom when tackling opponents. During Rampage Mode, players no longer need to worry about their energy bar and can instead use their controller buttons for supercharged attacks exclusive only during this mode - something which many critics praised at launch for giving gamers a change of pace compared to typical platformers like Sonic The Hedgehog or Donkey Kong Country which rely more on speed than inventive mechanics found within RadicalRex.

Overall Radical Rex was lauded as an ambitious 2D adventure with its mixup between fun gameplay and vibrant levels with nearly every review praising its intuitiveness despite potential spikes in difficulty throughout it due mainly because how easily achievable Rampage Modeis - making gaining access not too hard for inexperienced gamers who venture into this titular character's prehistoric domains for the first time ever!

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