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Pyramid Magic Special technical data

Name Pyramid Magic Special
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1990
Developer Kaneko Co., Ltd.
Genre Shooter

Pyramid Magic Special is a Sega Genesis Mega Drive game developed and published by Data East in 1994. It’s a unique puzzle game that tasks the player with arranging colored blocks into specific patterns to open pathways to new areas, while also avoiding enemies such as dragons, insects, and ghosts.

The main character of Pyramid Magic Special is Lena, an apprentice wizard who must solve the various puzzles in order to earn points and progress through a mystical pyramid. The puzzles themselves involve arranging colored blocks in various shapes and formations– like a pyramid or cross form– which will then open up new pathways and allow Lena to access different levels; each level presents increasingly difficult puzzles that must be solved before the area can be completed.

At the start of the game the player chooses one of two difficulty settings – Regular or Advanced – which determines how many puzzles they must solve before being allowed access to new areas. Upon completion of certain puzzles, players are rewarded with powerful magic spells which can be used alongside regular attacks against monsters throughout the game; more powerful spells can only be obtained after solving certain complex puzzles. As Lena continues her adventure through the pyramid she will eventually encounter obstacles such as crumbling walls, hidden buttons and sliding block mazes that need solving before progressing further onward.

One of the most innovative features found in Pyramid Magic Special is its ‘Ranking Mode’; this allows players to compete against others around the world for high-scores using their memory powers to complete each puzzle in seconds faster than any other. High scores gained by clearing successive stages quickly are recorded on an online ranking board accessible from within the game and networked play is available where multiple people can collaborate together to finish puzzles faster.

Pyramid Magic Special has since become known as one of the Sega Genesis’ quintessential puzzlers, lauded by gamers for its addictive gameplay mechanics, bright graphics and frenetic soundtrack combined with role-playing mechanics such as managing resources like health energy and items needed for battle, making it an enjoyable title playable alone or with friends alike.

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