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Punisher, The technical data

Name Punisher, The
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1994
Developer Capcom Co., Ltd.
Genre Action

Punisher, The is a side-scrolling beat’em up video game developed by Sculptured Software and published by Capcom for the Sega Genesis Mega Drive on December 1994. The main character of the story is Frank Castle, who is also known as “The Punisher”. Castle is a Vietnam War veteran who has turned to vigilante justice against crime with his own personal war against evil. He uses his skills to seek revenge against gangs and drug dealers in New York City.

The goal of the game is to defeat all eight of the Kingpin's henchmen across five different levels including Hell's Kitchen and Brooklyn. During each level, The Punisher will travel through different pathways on foot or by vehicle and must fight an overwhelming number of street thugs on each route before facing one of the Kingpin's henchmen at the stage's ending. In addition, he must collect weapons like shotguns and machine guns hidden in briefcases or crates; along with items such as pizza slices that restore health points. Enemies have their own powerful weaponry ranging from firearms to Molotov cocktails; making them very dangerous opponents during battle sequences in some cases it may be necessary to use stealth to elude enemies instead of going head-on with them in melee combat.

Throughout the adventure Frank gains new abilities such as increased range or damage in ranged weapons by leveling up or receiving power-ups from defeated enemies in order to make his journey less challenging. Likewise there are special items which allow him to summon super powers like invincibility, jumping high into the sky or even fire a stream of flame for a short period of time.

The images used in this title are quite colorful compared to some other Genesis games released around this era; providing vivid and detailed backgrounds from typical city streets mixed with industrial warehouses full mechanical devices as well comic-like poses from characters featured throughout each level and admirable animations for every action provided by both punisher and foes alike always managing keep a fluent movement which helps bring alive every battle scene played within game itself

Controlling The Punisher comes fairly easy 4 buttons attack punch kick jump serve perform respective action during battles while adding few combinations can help increasing overall damage output your character performing chains multiple hits take down large group thugs single stroke definitely provides easy access point anyone regardless their skill level video games particularly within beat'em genre Pause menu also available allowing switching combos specific next enemy stage—a mechanic appreciated due length levels added difficulty factors they contain remain present until beaten 8

Overall Punisher remains classic title its genre will enjoyable both experienced players newcomers alike plot saga vigilant anytime need test your beat'em skills reach nearest console relive days when cartoons were still incredibly popular great deal since then sure ransack few thugs gangsters delicious slice thick crust pizza justify crimes steel truth knight wears paladin armor true savior all innocents threatened overrule criminal scum can do good especially those don’t wish ask permission reaching end just reward pride beating evil forces heinous plans morality guiding through victory

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