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Psycho Pinball technical data

Name Psycho Pinball
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1995
Developer Codemasters
Genre Pinball

Psycho Pinball is a pinball game developed by Codemaster and released for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive console in 1994. The game centers around Flint Paper, a young boy who loves playing pinball and dreams of becoming the world’s greatest pinball wizard. One evening, a mysterious stranger appears to Flint and offers him the opportunity to make his dreams come true – he will grant Flint three magical balls capable of granting him his wishes if only he can master their powers in the enchanted pinball machines inside Psycho Pinball's universe.

The player controls Flint as he proceeds through nine individual stages or “zones” each consisting of two pinball tables connected together. A third bonus table is also present in each zone known as the Monster Machine where hidden bonuses are awarded for completing certain objectives. Upon completion of a level, Flint must travel to the next stage by traversing through gimmicky checkpoints found on each table such as falling into an abyss or Teleporting away from demons.

The classic video pinball gameplay mechanics has stayed true throughout each table which requires players to score points by flicking their “flippers” and launching the ball at objects located on each field with precise timing to keep it in play. Classic bumper obstacles, ramps and various light-up targets remain throughout while the intricate design complimented by 3D rendered backdrops helps add more character within each level (including those featuring Dante from 'Devil May Cry'). Special actions such as defending monsters from possessors or playing an interactive version of Whack-A-Mole demanding perfect timing also require precise coordination between both hands that test even skilled players’ skills.

Sega included several extras on this title as well such as Score Attack mode where special passwords were granted upon achieving an impressive record ranking other players worldwide, along with a Lesson Mode teaching beginners how to play, providing complete walkthroughs from start to finish all over again - With additional rewards provided for completing thresholds set up earlier. An interesting feature known as Mystery Vault was available, storing secret items like powerful upgrades, allowing players to revive themselves midplay should they ever fall off course - sustaining runs much longer than otherwise possible!

In total Psycho Pinball remains one of Sega's more unique releases that allows newcomers/experts alike enjoy its vibrant world thanks in part due it’s attention-grabbing presentation alongside accessible yet challenging gameplay mechanics void of overly complicated rulesets common throughout other titles around this era should have satisfied any platformer seeking some fun on their Genesis/Mega Drive console!

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