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Power Instinct technical data

Name Power Instinct
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1994
Developer Atlus Co., Ltd.
Genre Fighting

Power Instinct is an arcade fighting game developed by Atlus and released for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive console in 1994. It was the third installment in the Power Instinct series, a spin-off from their popular Shin Megami Tensei franchise. The game follows four generations of the Gōhatō family as they battle to decide who will become the next head of their powerful clan. Players choose from eight initial characters, each with their own unique moves and special techniques, before battling through four stages and eventually facing off against “King Leo”, the reigning champion at a sumo tournament.

The graphics style in Power Instinct is of a classic 2D arcade fighter look with colored borders around each character’s life bar located on both sides of them. While all characters share some basic attacks such as kicks and punches, they each possess three unique special attack moves that can be used strategically to gain an advantage over opponents. Special moves consist of energy blasts, bouncing balls, whirlwinds or claws which all require button combinations to activate as well as meter charges that use all of a character's available power to execute them. In addition to these movement commands during battle players are able to jump just above their opponents head or below their opponents feet while attacking or avoiding attacks which requires timing precision when executed correctly can change the course of a fight in an instant.

Once victorious over King Leo players may challenge him again or one another in the two player versus mode where same control options are available but with double damage for all attacks being handed out making matches even more intense then ever before. In addition though once any stage has been completed one time it can be revisited and experimented upon in practice mode offering endless amounts strategic training opportunities for players looking to refine their skills further and become true masters of this timeless fighting classic.

Power Instinct offers plenty of gameplay excitement still today due its clever mixture of genre defining combo systems fast paced action controls and large range customizable difficulty settings making it one memorable ride every time players start up this classic Sega console and get ready for yet another round against King Leo and his cohorts alike!

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