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Pit Fighter technical data

Name Pit Fighter
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1991
Developer Atari
Genre Fighting

Pit Fighter for the Sega Genesis Mega Drive is an action-oriented side-scrolling beat'em up released in 1993 and developed by Konix Software. The game replicates the arcade machine of the same name, with some changes made to the art style and effects, but none of the characters or levels are altered from their original format.

The game entails six unique fighters from which to choose at the start of a session. The two main sources of appeal were Barnitt “Barney” Brine and Eddie Lee, details provided on each fighter as they are selected. From then on, you'll have access to different locations where you can take part in a full-blown no-holds-barred fighting tournament against four other 9 opponents (not including yourself).

Players attempt to reach a high score amongst the three gameplay modes: “Onslaught”, “Versus” and “Tournament”. Onslaught mode involves taking on 4 combatants in succession with increasing difficulty as one progresses – any damage taken is carried forward between fights. Verses pits two human opponent against one another (both armed with joysticks) whilst Tournament provides a longer more drawn out brutal affair where finalists compete for a cash prize pot of $20000..

Gameplay consists primarily of simple button mashing controls; attack, block, jump being all that's necessary to become a new battle champion on your side of town. If not careful however players may soon find themselves on the receiving end of some particularly hefty kicks; avoiding these quite often requires dodging within close proximity due to an auto-lock system implemented for certain moves. Furthermore there are various special attacks which can be executed when enough damage has been absorbed; most useful here is stopping time allowing plenty of hits accompanying some classic 16 bit cartoonesque animations! Overall action is rendered smoothly by making use of scaling techniques usually found in arcade style games during this era.

To rise above others in Pit Fighter extra points are rewarded upon competently displaying gladiator moves while efficiently berating opponents verbally through taunts – available if fists just aren't doing it! It's all spice without drowning out what makes this great fun; fast reflexes kept alive through simple but effective elements executed contrary to majority side scrolling efforts attime - especially those preincluding Sega's console outing range amid its brief ownership term when acquired by rival Nintendo.

For many fans still today , Pit Fighter has remained a cornerstone title within playlist archives boasting impressive graphical layers lost though absent development microdots upon later reissues from generations distant sprite cutters.. Nevertheless among this collectors reportage it ranks favourably showcasing professional mastering mastery mechanics generationally . Pushed out prematurely from ports encountered upon descent onwards culminating firmly branded remembered rom fans footprint journey piece beyond greater bedfellows platform applause .

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