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Pengo technical data

Name Pengo
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1995
Developer JSH
Genre Puzzle

Pengo is a Sega Mega Drive/Genesis platform game released in 1992. It is a single-player action game set within an icy board with various obstacles, enemies, bonuses and collectables. The objective of the game is to help Pengo find items such as ice cubes and fruits that are scattered throughout the stages. He must also fight off enemies such as the treacherous Sno-Bees that threaten poor little Pengo’s safety.

At the beginning of each stage, the player helps Pengo spawn out at the most bottom of one side of the playing field. He then slowly works his way up towards the other side, while Kong Blocks wander around simple acts as destructible blocks. Players control Pengo's movement and can push or destroy blocks into different paths by pressing directions shown onto them by either left or right tools on the controller. To complete a level, all Kong Blocks need to be destroyed before moving onto another one that is accessible only when a certain number has been reached after successfully completing previous levels in order for completion. For additional bonuses, angry snowflakes called "Sno-bees" will very often try to impede upon Pengo's progress - these things need to be destroyed in order for him to go forward into more exciting sections of his self-contained maze world!

Once every five levels or so (generally referred to as “rounds”), they face an occasional boss battle against what could be considered an evil establishment like a mad mammooth robot made out of metal parts named Magmoos or similarly frozen Snobee riders riding yeti like creatures referred to here as 'Kickers.' Also scattered around randomly are items like food (peanuts) which once collected give our cool hero some extra lives - a much needed commodity if you want passage through danger-filled areas!

Throughout gameplay, players can use their collected food tokens and power diamonds called "Jewels". Jewels are essential for more difficult tasks and are usually awarded for completing levels properly; these always provide extra points needs during boss battles too - all in all making them valuable assets which aid progression through this challenging but rewarding title from SEGA/Tec Toy Studios.

In conclusion, much like some of its classic peers from back in its day when 8-bit gaming led public entertainment industry, heavily supported systems were two dimensional top down scrolling games - but with colorful penguins navigating their way through treacherous frozen landscapes full of creative dangers players really couldn't ask for anything else.....except maybe beating notoriously difficult last bosses included in many old school titles – luckily that's where loved power ups come into play saving us not just once over added difficulty levels within platforms that so many tried long before us....including current generations since both Sega Genesis/Mega Drive had already become continued legacies within collectively shared histories gamers discovered down years later on gaming consoles containing graphics so far beyond imagination it seemed impossible even until recently when we look back again on early days gone past identifying ourselves most now among growing bounds time related computer advancements while spending free evenings devotedly dedicating leisure activities gathered inside digital homes playing extra large collections online arcade games handpicked consuming entire evenings worth of entertainment!!!

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