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Pat Riley Basketball technical data

Name Pat Riley Basketball
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1990
Developer Sega
Genre Sports

Pat Riley Basketball is an action-packed basketball game originally released for the Sega Genesis console. Developed and published by Electronic Arts, this game was released in 1992 and a sequel called NBA Showdown followed. The game features realistic gameplay that was considered ground-breaking at the time of release along with five distinct court facets such as three-point shooting and slam dunking. Different teams can be chosen from both the NBA and Europe, with legendary players such as Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan and Larry Bird making an appearance.

Players are able to choose two control options – Manual Control or Offensive System Control - each providing a realisticly complex 3x2 play diagram giving the player more options within game play. Special moves can be executed by pressing combinations of buttons on the controller and each team has their own unique characteristics from overall speed to offensive plays; strategy becomes paramount to victory against top notch opponents in this basketball simulation game.

The graphics for Pat Riley Basketball featured early cartoon style visuals that were still advanced for the times including a one minute halftime show featuring pop culture vignettes narrated by Herbert Dunwoody from the late 1980s TV shows Dampshire International Amateur Radio Station (DISR) and Sudden Death Overtime (SDO). The gameplay includes a revolutionary "Arrow Keys" feature which allowed simplified precision passing, shooting and movement across various courts. Featuring 16-bit color visuals on classic televisions, this feature allowed enhanced motions such as lateral quickness and forward spin while dribbling.

Players were also able to play season mode in order to see who wins between selected teams during set of games played out in real time. Furthermore,, they could customize their team to balance between defensive or offensive playstyles or create dream teams usingcreate-a-player Mode which allowed players mix up certain attributes such as rebounding ability or passing accuracy in order to craft desired playing styles suited best for specific gamer’s preference, granting higher potential IQ manipulation within matches.

Overall, Pat Riley Basketball remains a timeless classic sports title that all basketball genre fans should experience with its promising fast paced basketball gameplay integrated with solid 16 bit graphics interactive soundtracks bring life into every inch of court in virtual world allowing nostalgia fuelled fun even after nearly 30 years since original publishing date inspiring latter releases today demonstrate how influential roots continue deliver enhancements upon each titles’ appeal even further revolutionising genre as whole perpetually recreating definition basketball video games over decades later still delivering entertainment medium?

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